Business Card

My sweet niece designed some business cards for me in her graphic arts class. She brought them to me yesterday. They look wonderful, and I am so proud of her. She is quite a talented young lady.


Myrtle Beach, SC


I spent this past weekend with my friend, Dawn, in Myrtle Beach. The weather wasn’t the most agreeable for a weekend at the beach, but I did get a few pictures that might be worth sharing. Yesterday, the day we headed back home, was nice weather. I took this photograph of a palm tree and the beach. I think it was probably the best one of the beach, and it required no editing.

The birds were plentiful this weekend, and they seemed to enjoy posing for photographs.They have grown very accustomed to people and let you get really close. I got some really great photos of sea gulls, swans, mourning doves, and many other birds and water fowl.

The azaleas were in bloom which made a good backdrop for some scenic photos. Even though the weather wasn’t ideal, the weekend proved to be decent for photography.  



I went out to Lake Varner with my sister yesterday. Everything is starting to bloom, so I took a few flower photos.


I also got some beautiful shots of my nieces.



And amazingly enough, I managed to get a photo of my sister (she probably doesn’t know I took it).


It ended up being a great evening for a photo shoot.

Business License

I have an appointment set up next week to submit my application for a home-based business license. One step closer to realizing my dream. It’s a little ray of sunshine on this dreary, rainy Monday.

Payment Options

In this digital age, I realized that it was important for people to be able to pay by credit or debit. Like myself, not many people carry cash on them anymore, and taking a check can be a risk for a photographer just starting out. So, I have set up an account with intuit and received a card reader. I now have the ability to accept payment by credit card. I also have the ability to send invoices through email with a direct link to pay through the invoice online. I will be trying out this option today with a wedding shoot I will be doing in October. I am one step closer to realizing my dream. Thank you for following me on this exciting journey.

My personal collection…


I finally got my personal photo collection hung in my hall today. It consists of a collection of three black and white photos with pink accent that I took last spring, a photo of my beautiful daughter gazing out of the ferris wheel window, and a photo of my handsome son posing in the downstairs hallway. I framed the ones of my kids in floating frames. I really like the way the collection turned out.

Getting Things Ready…

Well, today I got the photo gallery nearly squared away for ordering prints. Just one more step there. I also got things set up to be able to take payments by credit card and online. I will get my card swiper for the phone in the mail soon, and I can send invoices by email to clients, and they can pay directly from the invoice online. Quickbooks is set up, and I even have my first client entered. I am so excited to be moving forward with this.

On top of all the paperwork, I got my office set up the way I want it too. Now I have a nice place to work and meet with people. All is going well.

The plans for the studio are underway as well. It will be fully portable, so I can take it anywhere anyone wants me to set up…within reason. Jason is going to make me some room dividers from lattice board, and there should even be enough left to finish out my porch which will make a nice place to sit and chat with clients or work on editing in the fresh air. So…here goes…