Getting Things Ready…

Well, today I got the photo gallery nearly squared away for ordering prints. Just one more step there. I also got things set up to be able to take payments by credit card and online. I will get my card swiper for the phone in the mail soon, and I can send invoices by email to clients, and they can pay directly from the invoice online. Quickbooks is set up, and I even have my first client entered. I am so excited to be moving forward with this.

On top of all the paperwork, I got my office set up the way I want it too. Now I have a nice place to work and meet with people. All is going well.

The plans for the studio are underway as well. It will be fully portable, so I can take it anywhere anyone wants me to set up…within reason. Jason is going to make me some room dividers from lattice board, and there should even be enough left to finish out my porch which will make a nice place to sit and chat with clients or work on editing in the fresh air. So…here goes…

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