My husband and I finally finished working on my studio in the garage. We put a threshold seal down under the garage door and a new seal on the door itself. While my husband finished putting the seal on the door, I put down the rubber tiles on the floor. Then I set up the curtains and lights, and the photo shoot began. My daughter was my first model. Here are a few of the portraits of her in her recital costumes.


My niece also came over, and I got a few photos of her as well. I haven’t edited those yet, but I have edited a couple of photos of her with my daughter. I also got a few photos of my daughter with her dog.


It ended up being a very busy but productive Memorial Day.

Trade Name

My trade name registration is in the mail. In about two weeks, my business name will be all mine. I never realized there were so many fees for so many things, but in the end it will all be worth it.

I am so excited about this new venture. Last night I was up late reading about more ways to get amazing photos. I’ll probably be testing them out tomorrow, weather permitting. In the mean time, here is a pretty photo for you to enjoy.


I took this one with my phone at my daughter’s recital.



Today I took my daughter out for a photography lesson. She picked up on things very well and gave me her analysis of what she learned at the end of the day. Tomorrow I will see how much stuck with her when I start drilling her on shutter speeds, what an f-stop is, and what ISO setting is appropriate for certain situations. It was a great day. She took lots of pictures of ducks, which I might share later, and lots of pictures of me, which probably won’t make it here (lol). But in the mean time, you can enjoy this shot of a tiny bloom I took using a macro filter. Have a wonderful weekend!

Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day was nice this year. I was surprised by a lovely flower show from my wild roses growing on the side of the house. I captured this photo with my trusty Canon point-and-shoot since my Nikon is in for an annual cleaning. I also went to church with my mother, and we all had lunch at the Mystic Grill. It was a wonderful day.


And all the moms got a red carnation in church. It looked lovely against my black and white dress, so I snapped this photo with my phone.


My husband also surprised me with some yummy chocolate covered strawberries from Scoops!


It’s Official!

My appointment at the Newton Administrative Offices to apply for a business license was today. I walked away with my official license to operate a business from my home. It was so much easier than I expected. I am so excited to see where this path leads me.

Georgia Renaissance Festival

Sunday was a beautiful day to take photos of my two favorite maidens. We headed out to the Renaissance festival, kids in costume and me with my camera. First stop was hair and makeup (face paint really). My precious niece got a Rapunzel-do and some lovely fairy swirls.



And my daughter received a lovely braided crown and some sweet swirls to match her Steam Punk ensemble.




And of course, this strapping lad of mine needed no help with his costume. He was not forgotten in the photo taking adventure.


It was an amazing and beautiful day strolling back in history and recording it with modern technology.