Guitar Lessons and Photo Shoots

I’m not sure how or when this sneaky fellow got in, but I guess he decided to drop by for a guitar lesson and a photo shoot. He posed quite happily, though I don’t believe he was happy with the length of his service. He did not want to leave when it was time. He didn’t seem to be very alert, so I didn’t think catching him would be hard. Boy did he prove me wrong. He was rather quick and quite a skilled jumper. But in the end, his guitar teacher (my son) got him safely out and on his way.

Anole-001-3 Anole-002-3

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About acbutterfly20

I am a freelance photographer. My husband and I work together to turn my photography into art. We do our own printing and matting for fine art pieces, and we work together to make keepsake boxes featuring my photographs. I also do some portrait photography, including family photography, pet photography, weddings, and other special events. My husband and I have been married for 22 years and have two wonderful children who help out with my art, do some art of their own, and are fabulous musicians. Thanks for checking out my website, and I hope you find something you like! Many of my works are listed for sale on Etsy, and I am always available to do commissioned pieces. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!