Summer is for Tea (…or Coffee) Parties

About a month or so ago, I made a beautiful little munchkin a promise. I said, “As soon as school is out for the summer, you will have to come spend the night with me, and we will have a tea party.” Her eyes lit up, and I have been reminded countless times since of that promise.  


Well, Monday we went out for her mother’s (my sister) birthday, and that night I stole her away for a magical spend-the-night at Aunt Thenia’s house. Of course, it was a very restless night as a certain little Goldilocks determined that Aunt Thenia’s bed was just right. After a little haggling over whether or not all of the sock monkeys should be allowed to sleep with us and just how many fairy tales should be read, we finally got settled in for the night.


Then morning came. After about an hour of Phineas and Ferb reruns on Netflix, the little blonde-haired princess decided that it was time for a tea party. “Well,” I said, “we must have cookies with our tea party.” So we decided to make some very special Snickerdoodles. Yum yum. Not too much of a mess was made, and all of the cookies  turned out just right.

Then it was time to set the table. Of course, only the best antique china is good enough for my favorite little five year old, so into the China cabinet we go. As we were pulling out the china tea cups and saucers, my angel noticed a beautiful little carousel figurine. She right away determined that the girl was her cousin, Kat. I informed her that she was my favorite figurine, and she soon became my niece’s favorite as well. Needless to say, she became the centerpiece on our lavishly adorned tea party table (along with the bunny candleholder with a pumpkin spice candle).


After setting our centerpiece, it was apparently time for a little bird watching. A female cardinal lit on one of the butterfly bushes outside of the window and paid us a visit. This, of course, launched into a little bird watching and identification session. We saw some wrens and a tufted titmouse and the male cardinal. When she was bored with the  bird watching, it was time to determine what to drink.


Then I asked her what flavor tea we should drink. “I want coffee.” was the reply. Having been a mom for 18 years, I just wasn’t sure a five year old would be too keen on coffee, but that was what I was drinking that morning, so that is what she wanted. And, well, that is what we had. Of course, she had a little bit of coffee with a lot of creamer (yes, I know, also not the most ideal thing…but hey, aunts are supposed to spoil their nieces, right?) And so, we settled in for a delicious tea (coffee) party. 


Who could think of a better way to spend a summer than with a magical tea party with a beautiful princess…and snickerdoodles of course. 


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