Few Family-150-8

Last week I had the wonderful pleasure of doing a family photo shoot for my mother. It was certainly a challenge to get myself into the picture, but we made it happen, and I think we were all pleased with the results. This is the first family photo that Avalene is in and the first one that my father is not, so this is a rather bittersweet photo. My mother stands as the matriarch of our small family as my father watches from heaven, and my husband stands as the sole father figure left to us. However, we stand strong and proud and happy to be a family.

Avalene proved to be quite the little monkey while trying to get the photos. It took a bit of convincing to get her to pose, but we finally managed by letting her hold the bright eyed Furby (which she was determined to turn evil before the night was over…by the way, this is done by overfeeding it). She loves sock monkeys as much as I do, so she got to pose with Gigantor the Sock Monkey. I think he enjoyed having his picture taken with her.

Few Family-179-8

We also got individual family photos…

Few Family-009-1 Few Family-068-3 Few Family-130-12

Some cousins shots…

Few Family-122-3 Few Family-126-6

A mother/daughters shot…

Few Family-103-2

A few fun shots…

Few Family-058-4 Few Family-112-14 Few Family-155-17 Few Family-214-33 Few Family-225-43 Few Family-241-51

And a few beauty shots…

Few Family-048-4 Few Family-061-8 Few Family-219-Edit Few Family-233-22 Few Family-249-58

It was a great evening, and now my family has a few photos to add to our collection.


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