Savannah (Part 2: Architecture)

After leaving Bonaventure Cemetery, we dined at the Pirate House and then headed to our beautiful condo at The Studio Homes at Ellis Square. The unit was perfect, nestled right in the midst of the city. We could walk everywhere, and that is what we did. The valet parked the car, and we didn’t see it again until we left.

The view from the roof was beautiful…

Savannah Favs-50 Savannah Favs-52 Savannah Favs-53 Savannah Favs-55

When we headed out the next day, the first place we visited was The Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Ascension. It was beautiful both inside and out. I took one nice shot before heading in…

Savannah Favs-77

The first thing that catches your attention when entering the sanctuary is the beautiful stained glass window straight down the center aisle.

Savannah Favs-79

More beautiful stained glass windows line the walls on both sides of the room and reflect in the beautiful baby grand piano sitting in the front left corner of the sanctuary.

Savannah Favs-80 Savannah Favs-92 Savannah Favs-99 Savannah Favs-100

The altar at the front of the church is made of marble, as is the checker patterned floor.

Savannah Favs-82 Savannah Favs-95

The pews are upholstered in a rich red fabric, and the intricately carved crown moulding looks as if it is laced in gold.

Savannah Favs-81 Savannah Favs-88

And it is home to one of the most amazing pipe organs I have seen in person to date.

Savannah Favs-85

And centered to the back of the sanctuary is yet another magnificent stained glass window.

Savannah Favs-84

The Jewish temple was equally amazing, though I didn’t get a chance to visit the inside of this magnificent building.

Savannah Favs-121 Savannah Favs-123 Savannah Favs-124 Savannah Favs-125 Savannah Favs-126

We walked along many of the streets and parks in Savannah, and each building and home seemed to me a precious piece of art. So much loving detail was placed into each one, it was awe-inspiring. I will simply show you a few that stood out to me.

Savannah Favs-108

I simply loved the spindle like quality and the scroll patterns in the window pictured above. I took this photo for no other reason than it made me happy. 🙂

Savannah Favs-113

And this building seemed to have a Grecian influence with the beautiful columns, intricate frieze, and blue and gold coloring.

Savannah Favs-169

What struck me most about this particular carving was how far the head of the lady in the center leans out. It looks as if she can see right down to the sidewalk beneath her and watch all of the passersby.

Savannah Favs-120 Savannah Favs-129 Savannah Favs-130 Savannah Favs-132 Savannah Favs-133 Savannah Favs-157 Savannah Favs-161

And all of the homes were simply beautiful. Even the row houses had a charming appeal.

I don’t know many architectural terms, but I do enjoy the beauty and hope that I have conveyed it well through my photographs. And tomorrow, I will give you my reflection on the life and energy of this great city.

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