Savannah (Part Three: City Life)

Welcome to the final blog about my wonderful trip to Savannah. Today I will share with you my thoughts on the energy and life of this great city.

I must say, I believe this city never sleeps. There seems to be so much going on day and night. Perhaps it was just because it was summer and the height of the tourism season, or perhaps it is like this always. Either way, this is a city bursting with life. (Maybe that’s why the dead still hang out here for a while 😉 ).

The first night we were in the city, the concierge recommended a few places for us to visit. We were immediately drawn to one of her suggestions–Lulu’s Chocolate Bar! Well, if the name doesn’t say it all, perhaps this picture will.

2014-07-10 17.31.33

It’s called Rapture, and indeed it was…pure rapture. It was meant for two to share, though I would suggest perhaps sharing it with a couple more people. The bowl, if you can’t tell, is made of pure chocolate. It was absolutely amazing and a wonderful way to start off our stay in the city. If ever you visit Savannah, you simply must stop in here.

After this delightful dessert, we headed over to River Street to have dinner with my father-in-law. (Yes, you caught that. We had dessert before dinner. It was vacation.) Just before dinner, I took a few shots of some river boats taking people on sight-seeing tours and dinner cruises.

Savannah Favs-61 Savannah Favs-62

The water is quite busy in the evenings, as is the street by the water. While Dawn and I took photos, we got the privilege of listening to a gentleman sing and play the guitar. He had a really nice voice.

Savannah Favs-64 Savannah Favs-68

After dinner, I got a few more pictures of boats and some evening clouds.

Savannah Favs-70 Savannah Favs-69 Savannah Favs-65

On the way back to our condo, we passed some older gentlemen sitting in front of one of the buildings playing chess. I kindly asked if I could take their picture, and they gave me the okay.

Savannah Favs-73

Things like this seem like something from a movie to me. Later on, we passed them again, and a young man had joined them to play for a while. I just love scenes like this. It makes me feel like there’s community and fellowship.

The next day we breakfasted at Goose Feathers. There was quite a line, so it must have been a rather popular place to breakfast. Everyone was really nice, and we got the garden seats (actually, we sat next to the ficus which the waitress had to maneuver around).

Then we wandered around the city. The city is bustling in the day with locals working, tourists relaxing or playing, college students from SCAD trotting around from class to class (and helping two crazy out-of-towners who will not be named who couldn’t find what they were looking for), and lots of people out walking their puppies.

Savannah Favs-114 Savannah Favs-153 Savannah Favs-167

While we were in one of the parks, a couple walking caught my attention. It appeared to be a young lady and her grandmother going for a stroll. They walked through the park hand-in-hand, a perfect picture of generations finding something common to unite them…a love for family and a love for walking.

Savannah Favs-139 Savannah Favs-141

Absolutely precious!

That night we went back to River Street for dinner at an amazing Irish Pub called Kevin’s. Best Irish Beef Stew I’ve had in a long time, and the upstairs has an enclosed, climate-controlled porch to dine on and watch the boats go up and down the river. I recommend giving it a try if you head that way.

No matter where we went in this beautiful city, we felt comfortable and at home. It is a city full of life, beauty, and southern charm.

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