Month: August 2014

Fort Mountain State Park…my latest hiking adventure. My trusty hiking companion, Dixie, and I set out for another grand adventure last Saturday. Two and half hours and one nervous Aussie Mix later, we left the comforts of civilization (meaning all cell phone signal was lost) and entered the mountain wilderness. Atop the mountain are several […]

A few mornings ago, I was sitting on the front porch having coffee, hoping to have a quiet morning watching the birds and squirrels fight over the bird food in the feeders. Unfortunately, it was the same morning my neighbor decided to do some work in the garage. Believing the morning to be ruined by […]

(Part Three) Light Magic Well, now that we’ve made our beauty a star, how do we put her in the spotlight? Well, by adjusting the available light of course. A little more contrast, a little more highlight, and a little more white, and Voila!, our star is in the spotlight. But are butterflies the only […]

(Part 2) More Monochrome and a Little Color Accent Magic Here we have a butterfly. I’ll not call her ordinary, because we can all see without a doubt that butterflies are extraordinary creatures. Their delicate beauty captivates even the hardest of hearts. The way they flit and float on the breeze and move from flower […]

Light is fascinating. Everything about it is mesmerizing, the way it reflects, the way it bounces, the way it plays, and the way it transforms the ordinary into a surreal fairy land of color and glow. In this digital age with millions of devices using pixelated light to display images, the screen is my canvas […]