The Art of Color and Light (Part 1)

Light is fascinating. Everything about it is mesmerizing, the way it reflects, the way it bounces, the way it plays, and the way it transforms the ordinary into a surreal fairy land of color and glow.

In this digital age with millions of devices using pixelated light to display images, the screen is my canvas and light is my medium. My tools are my camera, my computer, and my imagination. And my inspiration… the world around me and the world of dreams and fantasy just at the borders of its reality.

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by light and color. The joy of seeing rainbows in the sky, in mists of water, and even in oil on the pavement brings a sparkle to my eyes and turns my thoughts to leprechauns, fairies, unicorns, and Pegasus. A rainbow in the sky turns into a road that I can soar over on the back of Pegasus. A rainbow in the mist becomes a magical doorway to the world of fairies and elves. And at the end of the rainbow always sits the pot of gold. Twirling a prism around to bend the light into bursts of color seems magical.

The more I learn about my camera and my editing software, the more the artist in me emerges. Through the manipulation of light, I can transform the ordinary into the magical. Light and color changes to reveal the ethereal beauty of a world hidden to the naked eye.

So, what does this world look like, and just how, pray tell, do we see it. Let the magic begin…

(Part 1)

Monochromatic Magic

Take this ordinary little walnut left cracked and broken on a lonely wooded walking trail by some cute, fluffy little squirrel who devoured its insides and carelessly dropped it to the ground.

Eastside Trail-1 Eastside Trail-3

Increase the contrast, adjust the saturation, increase the highlights and white levles, increase the black levels just a tad, and decrease the shadowing just a bit. Then add a white vignette to take away the rest of the road and Voila!…

You are left with a monochromatic masterpiece in a world of pure light with only the shadow of the nut to determine the source and direction of its source of illumination.

Eastside Trail-2 Eastside Trail-4
Then zoom in a bit to get a little more detail and a better view.

Eastside Trail-5

And now, what was once seemingly plain, ordinary, and unnoticed, is a thing of profound interest and beauty. Is that because it wasn’t beautiful before? Absolutely not! It, like all things made by our Creator, was a thing of many extraordinary layers of depth and beauty. I, the artist, have merely uncovered one of those magical, intricate, magnificent layers through the manipulation of light and color. Now what was once perhaps unseen, is seen.

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