Small Wonders

A few mornings ago, I was sitting on the front porch having coffee, hoping to have a quiet morning watching the birds and squirrels fight over the bird food in the feeders. Unfortunately, it was the same morning my neighbor decided to do some work in the garage. Believing the morning to be ruined by the noise (as it would scare all of the animals away), I headed indoors to put my coffee cup away. Then, as I passed the backdoor, a yellow flutter caught my eye. My camera was right next to me on the chair, and the morning was not ruined after all.

So, what was that yellow flutter? Why, none other than an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. Those are common you say? Well, yes. But three of those beauties feeding on my Black Knight butterfly bush…well, that’s just enough to make my morning. What better to photograph than that lovely yellow against a purple backdrop.

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They flitted about for quite a while, allowing me to get some very good shots. I got close enough to get pictures of them feeding from the flowers, dipping their long tongues into each little bud, draining it of nectar.

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There markings were beautiful, though two of them looked a little battle-worn.

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One of them even landed on a flower right in front of me. They were simply amazing to watch.

Returning to the front porch to finish my reading and coffee, I noticed a tufted titmouse and his mate. Camera still in hand, I attempted to capture these beauties, but alas, they were too quick. Since my camera was at the ready, I decided to zoom in on what I thought was a bird nest in the bushes.  A bird nest it was not. In fact, it was a chipmunk. He was sitting still as could be…now whether that was from fright or an attempt to wait me out to get to the bird feeders, I don’t know. But sit there he did, for quite a long time. I got several pictures of this silly little chipmunk, and I began to be concerned that he was hurt (perhaps dropped there by some unfortunate owl who lost his supper). But a little movement of the branches, and he proved to be more than alright. Away he scurried missing out on a birdseed brunch, not before I got several good photos of his cute little self, however.

watermarked edits-42 watermarked edits-45 watermarked edits-68 watermarked edits-69

Before this little cutie ran off, I called my daughter out to see him. She was amazed at how still he sat. After he ran off, she decided to join me on the porch. As I had my camera out, she decided to ask me if I had taken my water photos for a weekly photo challenge. I explained that I had not, so she pointed out that there were water drops on the blades of oat where the birdseed had dropped and sprouted. Obviously, she has a keen eye, because I never even noticed the water. So off to get my macro filters I went. And the results were satisfactory…

watermarked edits-51 watermarked edits-56 watermarked edits-58 watermarked edits-59 watermarked edits-60

Later in the day, as she was finishing up her schoolwork, we headed out to the patio. My camera was still close at hand, and I took a couple of shots of some water drops on some jars on the posts (poor lonely jars that were meant to hold herbs that, alas, were never planted).

watermarked edits-70 watermarked edits-72

Then, as we headed inside before the little biting bugs bled us dry, I noticed something zipping around the butterfly bush. It was my little friend, the bumblebee sphinx moth. Now this little fairy is quick and hard to capture on camera, but capture him I did. A few of the pictures turned out good, though most of them were quite blurry as he flitted from flower to flower drinking nectar.

watermarked edits-75 watermarked edits-77 watermarked edits-80 watermarked edits-81 watermarked edits-83 watermarked edits-87

And so, a day I thought would be dull, turned out to be a day filled with small wonders that brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart.

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