This morning I was thinking about a photo I recently printed to frame. It was a photo I captured while in the mountains near Ellijay after the Apple Festival last year. I was there with my friend, Dawn, and our lovely teenage children. We drove around exploring backroads and arguing with Daisy (that’s the GPS by the way) about where we wanted to go, because we didn’t have any reason to worry about getting lost as long as she could get us back home.

Well, in the course of exploring, we stumbled upon a little trail up on a mountain just outside of town, and we parked the car at the foot of the trail and headed up. It was a short trail, and the view that evening was amazing. As we neared the peak of this little mountain we were on, I looked out over the valley and toward the peaks of the other mountains, and I noticed a tree that stood on the ledge of a nearby peak. It was silhouetted against the setting sun with the clouds and mountains in the background. It was the image of serenity, and it reminded me of the oriental paintings I adore with the tree silhouettes and calming colors.

This outing took place before I purchased my Nikon D3200, so I went armed with my perfect little purple Canon Powershot ELPH-310. This is now my daughter’s camera, and she is learning all of its ins and outs as she aspires to creative greatness. Anyway, I framed my shot and snapped.

When I downloaded the pictures, this one just didn’t quite look the way I wanted it to look. I was using Picasa to edit, and though Picasa is a great free editing software, it just wasn’t doing the trick. Well, a few days ago, I was going through my photos looking for some to print and frame. As I got to these photos, I realized that I didn’t have Adobe Lightroom 5 when I edited them, so I decided to run them through Lightroom and see what I could do with them.

I adjusted the contrast in a few of them and played around with the lighting a bit. With a little sharpening and color saturation, I was able to brighten them up a bit and enhance the color. There’s not a huge difference, but enough of a difference to make the photos more pleasing to my eye.


Apple Festival Trip '12 (22).JPG


101312_Apple Festival_001.jpg


Apple Festival Trip '12 (85).JPG


101312_Apple Festival_016.jpg


Apple Festival Trip '12 (87).JPG


101312_Apple Festival_018.jpg

 And with a few of them, I added a bit of artistic flare to create the painting in my mind that I would have put on canvas had I known how to paint. And on this day, I was feeling a little purple, so this is what happened.


Apple Festival Trip '12 (71).JPG


101312_Apple Festival_008.jpg

 I just love the ability to edit my photos and transform them into what I see in my mind. And I must say, I was very surprised at the quality of photos I was able to capture with that little Canon point-and-shoot, so don’t fret if you don’t have a great expensive camera. Have fun with what you have and share your vision. In fact, that last photo is about to become the main attraction of my next collection.

(If you want to know more about feeling purple, check out my blog post at entitled “I Feel Purple” on December 7, 2014.)

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