Murphy’s Law and Silver Linings

Wow! It’s been a little while since I’ve written anything. I’ve started to write quite a few times, but that thing called life gets in the way. In fact, I feel like I’ve been recovering from one disaster after another since the beginning of the year. Murphy’s Law has dominated, and anything that can go wrong has gone wrong. However, every cloud has a silver lining.

On Christmas day, I hurt my thumb. It was a severe strain, and you think that would be easy enough to recover from. However, I think it would have been easier to recover from a break than a sprain. After three months of therapy and a ridiculous medical expense to pay, my thumb still hurts. I am able to type again, which was nearly impossible wearing the brace, and I can almost open jars by myself again without much pain, but I still have some healing to do. I’m not letting it stop me though. I’m determined to get back to writing and photographing.

Therapy took a big chunk out of my schedule that I wasn’t expecting. Between driving to and from, the therapy itself, and the frequent lunch dates with my husband (insert smiley here), I didn’t have much time left for the many other things I needed to do. So I scrambled to get things done, and unfortunately blogging was low on the priority list. Then, just as therapy ended and I was ready to get back blogging, I awoke to a flooded garage.

Now, I know what you’re probably picturing, but it really was an interesting discovery. My studio and workshop resides in the garage, and a little more than half of the garage floor is covered in a burgundy colored foam flooring that locks together like a puzzle. At this point in the story, the workshop was not quite organized like I would have liked. In fact, my husband and I had spent some time browsing Home Depot that very week looking for shelving units to organize my creative work space. Well, I stepped into the workshop to do a little work, and as I stepped, barefoot as is usually the case at home, I kept noticing that water was seeping up between the squares of flooring. My first thought, of course, was that the rain had managed to blow in under the garage door. When I knelt down to retrieve something from under a table, I realized that that there might be quite a bit more water than I realized when the knee of my jeans became completely soaked with water. I began to feel around and realized that there was enough water that I needed to get some things out of there and get the flooring up. I called my son in for help, and we began to move things. As we picked up the flooring near the wall, I discovered that the water was not rainwater after all. It was flowing from the wall. And on the other side of the wall…the kitchen sink. Into the kitchen I went, and I pulled things from under the sink and discovered that the pipe had a steady drip. When I called my husband, he knew immediately what was leaking and told me what to turn off. It was leaking from the valve to the outside spigot, and it had been leaking for about two days. Thankfully, the flooring protected all of my supplies and equipment, so no damage there. After cleaning up and my living room being filled with half of the garage for two days, I set out to purchase those handy-dandy shelving units to get everything organized…and off the floor, in case of a similar incident in the future. Needless to say, between repairs and organizing, that entire week was shot. The silver lining however, my work space is now happy and organized.

This, however, was not the end. Come Friday, Murphy’s law was at it again. My darling cat, Butterscotch, decided to take to sleeping on my laptop. I guess he was doing this because the laptop was warm. Anyway, he jumped up there and CRASH! My external hard drive with all of my photos fell to the floor. I got up and plugged it into the computer and immediately received the “fatal error” message. Oh no! I texted my computer genius friend and got the hard drive to him straight away. It was to no avail, however. My darling cat had destroyed it. I scrambled to my social websites and cloud storage sites to retrieve the lost photos, and of course, I cried quite a bit. Then, last weekend, as I was cleaning up my laptop of unneeded files, we discovered that my husband had backed up most of the information on the hard drive back in the fall onto his profile on the laptop. We found the treasured pictures from our trip to Missouri and many of the original files for most of my photos. The only thing that is missing now…2014 Christmas photos and trip to Gatlinburg and a trip to the Whistle Stop Cafe. Those had not gotten backed up anywhere yet. So, the loss was not nearly as devastating as I had imagined, and I am back up and running…and taking new photos.

Now I am mostly healed from injuries, organized, and back to work. Hopefully, I will not go so long without blogging in the future, so stay tuned! The weather is good, spring is here, and travels are in the planning. I’ve also got a few festivals I’ll be attending in the near future, so I plan to tell you all about them!

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