Fur Babies!

So, I know it has been a while since I have blogged. Life has been a little crazy with health issues. Hopefully, I’m able to get back in the game for a little while though.

Since my last post, I have started volunteering with an organization called Pound Puppies ‘n Kittens. They rescue dogs from local shelters and work to get them adopted. I help out on Saturdays with adoptions at the local Petsmart, and I have recently become a fur baby foster mom. I thought I would share a few photos of these great little fur babies. I’m getting in some good practice with pet photography and helping to get them adopted all at the same time. I’m loving it!

The feature photo is of Pilgrim. He’s a great pup and is still up for adoption. He’s quite the jumper and climber, so he would definitely need a tall fence. He’s super sweet.

This next photo is of Frazier. He’s an active little guy with an old man face. He’s a little Basset terrier mix. I just love to play with him and take him for walks on adoption days.


The next photo is of Squirrel. She is such a super sweet dog, and I think she was finally adopted. She has a crooked little smile due to an under-bite. She was just absolutely lovable.


I can’t remember the next pup’s name, but he was bound in the cone of shame due to being fixed and biting at his stitches.


I believe this next one’s name is Zoey, and she is beautiful and sweet.


The next pup is Eddie. He is an American Pit Bull Terrier mix. He’s super sweet with people, but I’m not sure how he does with other dogs. He’s still available for adoption and needs lots of love.


Now, the next pup is close to my heart, because she’s my new foster pup. I also have several cute photos of her. She is so sweet! She’s great with other pets, even cats. She loves children. She loves to play fetch, and she’s a puppy still, so she loves to chew. You might catch her sneaking things off the end tables to chew on. She’s even housebroken…though I crate her at night so she doesn’t decide to find something to chew on that she shouldn’t. So, without anymore ado…meet Ziva the Wonder Dog!

And finally, I’ll share a few photos of an adoption success. This next little guy was named No-No and got renamed to Snowball…seven year old girls, what can I say. He was adopted by my mother, sister, and niece, and he is already prince of the house.

I’ve had such a blast with all of these little guys, and there are several more at the farm waiting for homes. If you get a chance, check out http://www.ppnk.org and see all of the wonderful fur babies up for adoption. Also, if you live in the area, you might want to consider fostering or adopting yourself…just a thought.

Oh, and just so you know, there are cats and kittens too!


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