Foster Failure

So, since my last entry, I have fostered six wonderful pups. There was Ziva, the Wonder Dog, whom I’ve already introduced. She was adopted a week after she came to stay with us.


Then there was Gigi. I fostered her around Easter. She had the privilege of being our little Easter poster pup.

Gigi Ad (social media)

She only stayed with us about two weeks before she was adopted.

Then there was Bayou. He was pretty awesome…a bit hyper and quite a handful, but he trained easily. I wanted to keep him a little longer, but he was only with us about three weeks before he found his furever home.


Then we were asked to foster a cute little pup by the name of Cosmo. We were able to keep him a couple of weeks before he was fixed, then he was adopted about a week and half later by a wonderful family with lots of kids. He needed lots of kids to match his lovable, rambunctious little personality.

April 25, 2017Madelyn and Cosmo14

Then about the same day this little bundle of joy was adopted, I was asked to foster another little lab pup named Twigs. (I think someone decided I needed to be the lab mix foster mommy.) Twigs was awesome, but we didn’t call him Twigs. We called him Jinxy after a favorite character on Warehouse 13. He was a little cutie, and he was nearly as rambunctious. He cried if he was put in the crate, so he ended up sleeping in the bed with us. After he was fixed, he was adopted within about a week by a sweet couple who planned to spoil him rotten, which is what his tender little soul needed.

Twigs (aka Jinxy)

And then we fostered a furbaby I met on my first day fostering…Pilgrim. Apparently, ours was the first foster home he had been in, even though he had been with PPNK for six months. He had stayed at the PPNK farm for a bit, and then he was moved to Dog Spot because he could jump fences. After a few days of having this wonderful guy in our home, I just couldn’t figure out why he hadn’t been adopted yet. He was amazing! He loved to ride in the car, he was already housebroken, and he was an absolute joy! We had him for about four weeks, and then I got a call that someone wanted to meet him. I was not happy about this prospect. We had all fallen in love with him, and I’m pretty sure he had already adopted us. So when the person who was supposed to meet him didn’t show, I signed those adoption papers. He is now a Cato!

So meet our wonderful foster failure and newest family member…Pilgrim Cato!

And our other furbabies like him pretty good too!

June 27, 2017Pilgrim and other shots59June 27, 2017Pilgrim and other shots64So, the Cato family has grown, and my husband is not allowing me to foster anymore. I guess I’ll just have to keep helping with adoption days and go out to the farm regularly. I’m so glad Pilgrim has joined our family though.