Old Car City

Well, the year of 2017 found me twice in this gem of a place in the middle of nowhere in White, Georgia. It is a true photographer’s heaven, especially if you love old cars, junkyards, and the beauty of nature reclaiming the landscape. It’s not too shabby for getting those creep factor shots in either…a bit eerie when you’re wandering about in there alone. No need to worry though. The owners are fantastic, the trails are well worn, and the signage along the way is quite entertaining.

When my photography club set up this outing, my first thought was, “If only I had known about this place while my Daddy was still alive. He would have loved it!” This thought was only confirmed as I arrived there and began wandering about.

When you first go in, you might stumble upon some interesting, and maybe even creepy things …like dolls. “Dolls?” you ask, “in an old car junkyard?” That’s right…dolls.

You just never know where you might find one…or twenty…lying about. Now, I don’t think they move about, so you might be safe. But one just never really knows, you know.

You’ll mostly definitely stumble upon an old bicycle line-up.  It leads the way into the heart of the city.

Oh, and another doll. I forgot about her. I think she’s been waiting a really long time for a ride.

There are also other odds and ends scattered about, like old cash registers, chairs, cans…you name it, and you can probably find it in there somewhere.

Oh, and there’s another doll I missed. Strange how they mysteriously pop up. Hopefully, we won’t run into any more.

Did I mention that there’s a bit of an artistic flair to this 32-acre masterpiece?

Now, be sure to put your walking shoes on and take some water and snacks when you head out there (because I know you’ll want to see this place for yourself).  There are 6 miles of walking trails, and trust me, you’ll get wandering about and turned around and travel the same trail twice or more, and that 6 will turn into 10 pretty quick! Well, maybe not quick, because it’ll take you all day and probably a couple more to see everything. And if you spread your visits out like I did, you might just find a few things change in the newer parts. Then you’ll have to see it all again.

Well, thankfully no dolls showed up in the middle of those trails. I was beginning to get a little worried. So now I guess it’s time to get to what you really wanted to see…all of those old cars.

Mother Nature decided to put her artistic touch throughout the city, and I think she got a little carried away with a few of her pieces.

But for the most part, nature and machine blend quite nicely.

I thought we were safe from the dolls, but I see one popped up on the hood of a truck. That little one is especially creepy.

While you’re there, don’t miss all of the cool hood ornaments.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Some of those aren’t actually hood ornaments. But hey, at least we didn’t run into anymore creepy dolls.

So, I hope you enjoyed the journey, and if you ever get the chance, head on out and see this place for yourself.

Happy trails!

Lights! Camera!…Back in Actio

Well, in my blogging absence, I have certainly not been idle. One of my recent projects has been to create some lighting. I just love DIY, and from my resources online and a few creative ideas of my own, I have been able to create some light diffusers and a light box with which to work.

The light diffusers turned out awesome! All I needed was some scrap cardboard from my ever-increasing supply, some duct tape, aluminum foil, Pellon interfacing fabric, and a couple of clamp on shop lights from Home Depot. From my research online, purchasing these lights and diffusers would have cost around $100. With DIY, I think I spent less than $50 for the two lights, diffusers, and the creation of the light box. It may not be as pretty as the cute little kits, but the functionality far surpasses what I have accomplished with the cute little kits in the past.

Oh, what is that? You want to see photos of my handiwork? Why sure!

041315_Studio Stuff_002

Ok. So maybe it’s not that impressive. It does, however, provide some great lighting. The first thing I tried it out on was my daughter’s baby doll that was passed down to her from her great-grandmother.

032615_Baby Doll Pics_007 032615_Baby Doll Pics_010 032615_Baby Doll Pics_014

And then, of course, Molly decided she wanted to get in on the action. And I think Angel (the baby doll) had a few words of wisdom to pass down to the pup.

032615_Baby Doll Pics_005-Edit

Then the Holly Hobby doll decided she wanted some tea party pics, but she fell asleep before I could get a good one.

032615_Baby Doll Pics_027

Then I got a photo of my favorite carousel figurine and my tea cup.

032615_Baby Doll Pics_031

A few days later, I was working on my weekly photo challenge. The challenge was “Less is More.” The extra challenge was to get a high key photo. After looking up the how to of getting a high key photo, I headed to my studio and built my light box. I got it built and then spent quite some time in the studio playing with lighting and taking “high key” photos.

040715_Tea Cup_001-2 040715_Tea Cup_011-2 040715_Tea Cup_021-2 040715_Light Box Practice_001 040715_Light Box Practice_021 040715_Light Box Practice_022 040715_Light Box Practice_023 040715_Light Box Practice_026 040715_Light Box Practice_034

I found that you can make just about anything interesting with this technique.

040715_Light Box Practice_060040715_Light Box Practice_047 040715_Light Box Practice_043 040715_Light Box Practice_039

And then I thought of a really good combination for a photo puzzle. Can you guess what it means?

040715_Light Box Practice_063

Then last week I had a chance to use my new toys for a product shoot. A friend asked me to take some photos of some of the dishes in her restaurant for the new menu. I’m going to show you my favorite one, so get ready to drool.

040915_Square Perk Menu Shoot_042

It smells and tastes as good as it looks! Trust me!

And thus concludes the story of my new lights and light box.

For now…